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Living Courageously provides both individual and small-group motivational speaking and coaching engagements across the U.S.
Living Courageously provides an array of services that include one-on-one coaching and group counseling services.

  • Personal Coaching (self-discovery)
  • Life Choices Coaching (teen and adult decision-making skill development)
  • Pageant Coaching (interview preparation)
  • Career Coaching (balancing professional choices with family life)
Public Speaking
Living Courageously offers group seminars, workshops, and summits across multiple platforms including social networks, public forums, seminars, retreats, etc.

LaVern Cameron has decades of experience speaking to all ages to include young adults and adolescents.

Living Courageously provides inspiring, engaging, and tailored engagements on various topics ranging from decision making to relationship building, and motivational techniques. We provide informational and educational presentations to assist in the process of making responsible and informed life choices.

"I have had the pleasure of knowing LaVern Cameron for almost 20 years. In that time, she has not only become one of my closest friends, but has also been one of my biggest supporters of my dreams and ambitions. 

I recommend Ms. Cameron for any and all life coaching skills. As a business woman, she has 
proven herself innumerous times as dependable, energetic, positive, and a consummate professional."
- Lou Ann Epps, Mama Lou’s, LLC., Fredericksburg, Virginia